Turn your data into productivity with AI

Easily build advanced AI-powered support companion that connect to your chosen apps for extra insights, lowering support costs and boosting customer satisfaction.

Create reliable AI chatbot in minutes

Imagine creating an AI powered assistant that actually understands your business and takes care of all your FAQ-tasks to your standard.

Just connect your apps, data, and support documents, let the AI-powered support chatbot learn from all your FAQ data, and optimize from there.

Deliver the answers you would provide, without the time-suck.


Create advanced support chatbots in minutes

Say goodbye to endlessly trawling your files. No need to track down manuals or sift through endless documents. QuestWiz analyzes all accumulated documents and acts as an expert on all your company processes to provide the answer you need in seconds. Easily build your own use cases: documentation, customer support, and sales enablement.


Start by connecting your data

Securely upload relevant documents(TXT, DOCX, PPT CSV, PDF), XML sitemap and webpage, in a few minutes to train your AI assistant.


Self-service have never been this helpful

Embed on your website: We make it simple to add QuestWiz to your website in minute with fully customizable widgets. Just add a script tag and you are ready to go.

Internal Knowledge Search: Employees spend valuable time hunting for needed information - also responding to repetitive questions. 88% of knowledge workers believe that AI-based solutions will help them save time on administrative tasks.

Empower your users with AI powered search

We’re helping the smartest companies get better answers to their questions.


Languages supported


Customer questions resolved instantly

Cut support work in half

Are you ready to transform your customer support and take your business to new heights? QuestWiz is more than just a tool - it's your partner in achieving smart, efficient business growth. Embrace the power of automation, enjoy unparalleled customer satisfaction, and witness your business thrive in ways you never imagined.